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Thanks for sharing this fantastic info. Great content! I'd been looking for safe cleaning products for my home. Love that you've shared one product to do it all -and the recipe variations too! Looking forward to more on the subject. Keep up the great work.


Hi Jordan,

Thank you for your kind comments. I'm glad you found this to be helpful. Let me know if you have any questions on anything at all about essential oils - feel free to use my Young Living member code 2061352 to take advantage of the lower wholesale pricing. Sending you wishes for a wonderful day :)

Be Well and Live Beautifully!

Much love,

Lynn Harris

Often used as natural fragrances, essential oils also serve a host of other functions. A favorite, eucalyptus oil, can be used to de-fog mirrors or treat stained surfaces. Pour a little oil on a rag and glide over stains or sticky surfaces. Be careful to avoid high concentrations directly on your skin.Goodmayes Carpet Cleaners Ltd.

Bella C

Natural cleaning is my only way of cleaning. It often needs a lot more scrubbing than the toxic way, but it's worth it. Don't be lazy at the cost of health :)


I just started using essential oils and vinegar in lieu of commercial cleaners and absolutely love them! I will never, ever buy store-bought cleaning products again. Thanks for the article and the ideas!


Hi Elda,
Thank you for your comment and kind words. I totally know how you feel. It's a different kind of pure, beautiful clean when we're using essential oils and pure agents like citrus and vinegar, isn't it? It's energizing aromatherapy and bright squeaky clean beauty all at the same time. So wonderful to hear from you! Look forward to seeing you back soon :)
Have a beautiful day!
Much love,

Jean N

Hi, Juliane. I just want to say that your article is truly amazing. It's very helpful and I'm sure you will guide a lot of people. I work for a carpet cleaning company and I love finding new and interesting ways to clean around the house. Keep being awesome and thank you for existing <3

Elizabeth Stewart

It is really scary to hold a cleaning product and see most of these chemicals listed on the back. I am a cleaner (http://carpetcleaninghampstead.org.uk/) and before I am sometimes using very toxic cleaners to do my job. I am aware that it is not healthy to clean with them but only after I read about the chemicals I realize how harmful they are. From some time now I am trying to switch to only green cleaning products and I think that essential oils, vinegar, soda and castile soap are great! Thanks for the informative post! :)

Kimberly Massey

Thanks for the article Juliane, it gives a lot of useful information and tips. I am so green recipes oriented. I would really like to read more from you.
Best regards

Thanks for sharing. I would like with to start cleaning with essential oils.


Wow, I have never before considered essential oils as a cleaning product. Thanks for the great tips! Will try out your recipes for different parts of the house.


You are most welcome, Felicia! Enjoy your beautifully clean home and the aromatherapy side benefits :) Much love, Juliane

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