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this sounds delicious!! I just downloaded the recipe and will make this as soon as I get some cauliflower. thanks.


Thank you Maggi!
Yummy snack attack relief heading your way :) Let me know when you make. Enjoy!!
Have a fantastic day :)
Much love,

Jacqueline Meldrum

Love this. We only accept one entry for No Croutons Required, but I couldn't resist adding this one too. Fab!


Thank you so much Jacqueline!
I am thrilled you loved! It's so lovely to be part of all the No Croutons Required yumminess :) Wishing you a wonderful day!
Much love,


Hi! Just made this can't wait to try it. I did have a little technical difficulty. The 2 tbs of oil was not was not even coming close to being enough to moisten 1/2cup of nooch plus the spices. Are you supposed to shake cauli in oil then add the spice to the bag and shake it, or are you supposed to add water? I went ahead and added enough water to make a think sauce. Thanks!


Hi Sandy,

I add everything to the ziplock bag and shake it up. You don't want a thick sauce. It's a spice coating that is going to adhere to the cauliflower during the shake up and then be dehydrated so you don't want to add so much moisture that it doesn't dry out. It's simply a spice rub type of coating, the EVOO or EVCoconut Oil will cause it to stick- if because of differences in climate etc. feel free to adjust ever-so-slightly to get it to stick to the cauliflower. It's amazing however, how affective the ziplock back shaking technique is at getting a full coverage w/ little moisture. You'll end up with a dehydrated crispy-ish snack -not something moist and gooey.

Thank you for your question! Have a wonderful week :)


Haviland Winter

This is so spicy delicious, even without all the ingredients (I didn't use paprika or onion powder, and substituted EV olive oil). I'm not sure why, but after four hours of dehydrating, it still wasn't as crispy as I expected. Can't say I agree with the "make the bites twice the size" part, because those didn't crisp at all. Still yummy though. Maybe I'll try in the oven instead of the dehydrator.


Hi Haviland!
What a beautiful name by the way :) Thank you for your lovely comment. I'm so happy you tried the recipe and love. Geographic location, humidity etc. will effect how long the cauliflower needs to dehydrate. (Where are you writing from? I love to find out where everyone is from around the world!) You could keep it in the dehydrator longer- or play around with increasing the temp on the dehydrator which will decrease the time it takes to crisp up. Putting in the oven will also work - tho you'll lose the raw factor. Let me know what you try.
Look forward to seeing you back at StyleNectar again soon.
Have a lovely day and a fab weekend too!
Much Love,


this sounds diffrent and amazing. It is yummy snack and spice . I am tried this it is awesome. we all are loved it.

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