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Thank you for the meal ideas! What I would love to know next is the best daily combinations and order combined with the few pointers you made at the end : fruit great for breakfast, harder to digest stuff later...Overlaying that with your meal ideas for a few sample DAYS of meals would be so awesome! Thanks!


Hi Burl,

Thank you so much for your kind comments and questions! It's lovely to meet you and have you in our community here at StyleNectar. I provide customized health and wellness programs with several options to meet your needs and provide such individualized guidance as you've requested here including several sample days of meals tailored specifically to you. Just let me know and we can get started. Here is a link to my Holistic Health & Wellness Coaching options: http://www.stylenectar.com/stylenectar/holistic-health-wellness-coaching.html . I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Live beautifully and be well!

Much love,


Thank you for all the helpful proper food combining. I’m transitioning to become a vegan. Although I enjoy eating plant based food I’m having a difficult time with digestion. I wake up with a flat tummy and by the time I’m ready for bed at night I look 5months pregnant. My questions are: what category would tofu be in and what can it be combined with? I’ve considered it as plant based.


Hi J,
I read someplace that the body is a naturally acidic state in the morning, and is hence amenable to consuming protein. Carbs are best had towards mid-day/dinner as the body transitions naturally to an alkaline state. Your guidance in this article seems counter to this. Can you please help disambiguate.

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