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Wow! I can't believe how healthy your herbs are. You got a nice combination of natural air fresheners too. I'm envious :)


Rozelyn, thank you! You're right, their fragrance is amazing! And there's something about greenery in any room that livens it right up...the fact I can cook w/ it too...over the top! Great to see you- stop back soon:) ~Juliane

Kathy Eichler

Love this and love all of your Postss!


just moved mine in on monday night :)

Carl Christian

Juliane - for those of us who enjoy reading Style Nectar,
may I say..........what a lovely post to have scent.


Thank you for your lovely words! I'm so happy you loved my herb post and StyleNectar too! I look forward to 'seeing' you again soon:-) ~Juliane


Great to hear from you! So your herbs are warm & happy once again too! I tried bringing in a hot pepper plant as well~ it's looking a little droopy but I'm hoping it'll make the transition:) Thanks for visiting & stop by often! ~Juliane


Carl, :-) So very clever! Thank you! It is my pleasure! ~Juliane


I love seeing how different our climates are....my herbs had to come indoors two months ago! Yours look so lovely and healthy. The oregano and rosemary will especially love the daily misting. My rosemary has been covered in little purple flowers constantly for weeks!


Pam, We probably should have brought ours in a bit sooner- however perhaps we were just in time as it went down to the 30's last night and we may get snow this w/e! Your rosemary sounds so pretty!

Maree Clarkson

And here in South Africa I've just taken all my plants that spent the winter inside, back outside! Those herbs look stunning and delicious on the dining room table Juliane, lovely idea!


Maree, It's so fun to hear about what you're doing on the other side of the world! Happy Spring to you! You must be thrilled about the warmer weather outdoors while we're getting all cozy inside:-) Thank you for visiting! Please stop back often! ~Juliane

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