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Ciao Florentina

I do this all the time, fantastic natural exfoliator and your face will feel like a baby's bottom teehee


Florentina, Thank you! I'm so glad you've liked my little tip:)

Kenny Ingersoll

This is great! I just finished experimented with a mixture of baking soda, water, and a few drops of essential oils but found that it still dried my face out a bit! This is right up my alley!


Kenny, Thank you for your comment. I used it this morning- perfect for the winter, leaves my skin so soft and smooth. Look forward to "seeing" you again soon here at StyleNectar! All the best to you:-) ~juliane


i tried this last night, and found that after rinsing it off, it still left a lot of the oil on my face. is this normal? or should i be washing my face afterwards with my regular soap to get off all of the olive oil? thanks!

Juliane Porter

Hi Lynn,
Depending on the brand of olive oil used results may vary. However, this is intended to be a very hydrating - tho exfoliating- technique which I use only in the dry winter months as it would be too heavy for my skin type (oily) any other time of the year. After rinsing off with warm water I pat my face dry gently with a soft, clean towel, absorbing any excess oil. I often use this exfoliating wash before bed prior to applying topical treatments which might otherwise irritate my skin if not for the moisturizing EVOO barrier. I don't personally wash my face again with another cleanser after the EVOO face wash.

Another great oil to try, which is a little lighter, is Extra Virgin Coconut Oil which I DO use year round. It's anti-bacterial/viral/fungal so it won't clog pores or cause breakouts. It's excellent for conditioning the skin- full of antioxidants. Conversely, I don't use coconut oil as my body moisturizer like many people do, because I don't find it moisturizing enough for my body- however, as I said, I love it for my face. If you find the olive oil is too heavy for you- you may want to give the coconut oil a try.

Thank you for your question, Lynn. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend:-)

Much love,


I like the helpful information you supply in your articles. I've subscribed to your blog & will check in again here regularly. I have already learned so much from you just today. Best wishes!

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