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StyleNectar ~ Living Beautifully thru a Fusion of Holistic LifeStyle, Food & Art!


StyleNectar ~ Living Beautifully via Holistic LifeStyle, Food & Fine Art!

Holistic LifeStyle: The effervescence underneath it all… Holistic treasures to keep you, your home & your life happy, healthy & beautiful!

Food: Delicious, organic recipes and memorable food inspirations. Everyone is welcome! While I now personally avoid gluten, refined sugar & pasteurized dairy you'll find fantastic recipes across the spectrum, from traditional to vegetarian and raw vegan recipes.

& Fine Art: My paintings, including such details as where to buy the lovely necklace and cardigan featured in one of my recent portraits.

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Additional Background...
I'm a yogi and spiritual philosopher who's forever had a passion for anything creative. Perhaps that’s inevitable when one grows up without a TV? I had lots of free time:-)

Days were filled with all sorts of creative things from painting still-lifes (aka plant/vegetable/cardboard carton configurations assembled by my mom, also an artist) to building leaf and teepee mansions from the limbs forever falling from the ancient oak in our backyard. Holidays brought about card-making frenzies, the elaborate fruits of which were bestowed upon my dad, mom and older sister. Most evenings I played helper to my mom in the kitchen. If I was lucky she might be making a pizza and I’d get to roll the dough (and sneak pieces of grated cheese while she wasn’t looking). More likely, I’d be responsible for setting the table, peeling garlic or traipsing out to the garbage cans for corn husking or disposal of smelly meat wrappers. After such disagreeable duties as the latter, one might find the sous chef had disappeared... to be found behind the perpetually propped-open swinging door between the breakfast and dining rooms... drooling over tantalizing illustrations and special equipment in the latest Williams-Sonoma catalog.

My love for style & fashion was definitely influenced by my Grandma who hand-made my favorite clothes - and stuffed animals too. I wore the beautifully designed dresses everyday in elementary school, ignoring friends who teased me for never wearing pants because those dresses made me feel unique and special, as if I were one of the prettiest girls in the classroom. (I still tend to overdress– definitely preferring feeling beautiful over an emphasis on practicality).

So, therein lie the roots of this blog, an extension of those first tastes of Style in Food, Art and Style. To me creativity is life. And StyleNectar is an expression of my gratitude for this beautiful life!

Contributions: I also write for four beautiful magazines including:
Raw Food Magazine, the premier digital magazine for Raw Food Living and tantalizing Raw Food Recipes.
Go Gluten Free, a beautiful compilation of delicious brunch menus, recipes for in-season eating and family favorites you'll love.
Ciao Florentina, a fabulous magazine about Food & Travel.
& In Classic Style, an online travel and lifestyle magazine.
I highly recommend each of them! StyleNectar has also been honored with multiple features at as well.

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Juliane Porter is Fine Artist and Founder of where she shares tips on Living Beautifully via Food, Art and Holistic LifeStyle.